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To: DeForest Village Board of Trustees

We Need Your Support for Mountain Bike Trails in DeForest

We Need Your Support for Mountain Bike Trails in DeForest

We seek your support for mountain bike trails to be built in DeForest. Mountain bike trails are built on uneven, hilly terrain. Trails are similar to hiking trails. They are 18-24" wide and made of natural surfaces: mostly packed dirt, but also rocks and fallen trees. Currently, there are no mountain bike trails in the community. In order to access mountain bike trails, participants must drive to another community to engage in this activity.

Why is this important?

Mountain bike trails provide opportunities for kids and adults to be active while also appreciating the outdoors. Thoughtfully planned and mindfully built trails that are designed to be safe and have minimal impact on the environment will be a great asset to the community. Mountain biking is one of the fastest-growing sports in the U.S. It is a sport that many people within the community already engage in, but do not have access to within the community. Besides the benefits of mountain biking, having trails in DeForest will allow people the opportunity to get engaged with the building and preservation of these trails. Likely leading to participants appreciating these spaces and advocating for their preservation in the future.

Other Benefits:
1. Participants are encouraged to practice leave-no-trace principles which can be applied in a variety of natural settings. Leave-no-trace means you take out what you take in, stay on established trails, and generally have as little impact as possible on the area while using the trails.
2. Mountain bike trails offer additional access to areas designated as being recreational spaces (parks and open spaces).
3. Mountain biking is a healthy activity both physically and mentally as it allows participants to both exercise their bodies and minds by riding challenging trails.
4. Mountain biking in natural areas affords participants the opportunity to appreciate and value these spaces, becoming individuals who preserve and protect these spaces.
5. Mountain bike trail building and maintenance offers people an opportunity to come together to learn how to care for these spaces.

How it will be delivered

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