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To: Governor Bob Taft, Senator Sherrod Brown, Senator J.D. Vance, Representative Michael Turner

Support the Increase of Status & Visas for Hazara Refugees

Partnering with the World Hazara Council, we aim to increase the number of visas available to Hazara refugees through the increase of refugee priority status for Hazaras in the United Status.

Why is this important?

For decades, the Hazara population has faced ethnic cleansing, systematic persecution, and unspeakable acts of violence in Afghanistan stemming from discriminatory beliefs against their religion and ethnicity. With such great risk to their lives and personal safety, large numbers of Hazaras are fleeing from Afghanistan with refugee status to seek security from these life-threatening dangers. As a refugee, the right to international protection is one they reserve. While measures have been taken to enforce this refugee status and their rights as refugees, further progress is necessary to ensure the safety of the Hazara community.

Due to the nature of the relationship between Afghanistan and the United States, the US remains a key player responsible for defending the rights of Hazaras. The US has held diplomatic relations with Afghanistan for decades now. With the removal of US troops from Afghanistan in recent years, the Hazaras are at an extreme risk under the reinstated Taliban rule making it more imperative than ever to take steps toward ensuring protection to the Hazara population in the United States.

This campaign is ultimately advocating for the increase of visas for Hazara refugees in the United States by lobbying for the classification of Hazaras as a vulnerable population. Limited access to visas are forcing Hazaras to undertake dangerous journeys to other countries, live in overcrowded refugee camps for years, or stay in Afghanistan where their right to a safe life is not protected. By upgrading the severity of refugee status for the Hazara population and raising awareness about the unjust treatment they have faced for years, Hazaras’ right to a safe life is better protected. This upgrade will require bipartisan Ohio government support stemming directly from the traction created by the signatures on this petition. This campaign is committed to protecting the basic human rights of the Hazara population and the advocacy for dignity regardless of background; thank you for your support.


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