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To: Rep. Henry Cuellar, Sen. John Cornyn, Sen. Ted Cruz, Border Patrol Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan, Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf

Support Veterans United To Stop The Border Wall

Veterans on the US-Mexico border are taking a bold stand against the misguided, ineffective, and harmful border wall project, and standing up against hatred and bigotry.

Will you help get their backs?

Why is this important?

Right now, the Trump administration is in a mad dash to build a border wall before the elections in order to rally an increasingly violent racist base of supporters, seizing public and private lands and tossing aside over 40 federal laws. The flagship piece of the wall runs right through the city of Laredo, TX a densely populated city right on the Rio Grande river.

If built, the wall would stoke further anti-immigrant hatred across the country, and impose destruction on border towns and cities for generations.

There is no "national emergency" happening in Laredo. That is a manufactured story created by the administration. Laredo is actually safer and more peaceful than most US cities. The wall serves no actual security purpose. In truth, the wall is a symbol meant to stoke racism across the country.

It also has lasting, devastating impacts on the communities in which it is built.

The border wall in Laredo would carve a path of destruction through Laredo, TX destroying public spaces, historic structures, public parks, private homes, places of worship, even a children's home run by Catholic nuns.

The wall is not just a fence, it would be a 30 foot tall prison wall more than twice the height of the Berlin Wall. It is a 200 foot wide security corridor, that would militarize the entire waterfront of Laredo, which is precious to the people of Laredo, and has been theirs for for 265 years.

Laredo depends on the Rio Grand for 100% of it's drinking water. If built, the zone would not only cut off all 250,000 residents from accessing their river, the now federally owned zone would void over 25 federal laws protecting water, land and air quality.

Stand with the vets who are defending their city. Please sign this petition to have our vets' backs.

Also, CLICK HERE TO WATCH an epic video of the actions that vets and the community are taking to stop the wall.

Thank you!

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All solidarity is welcomed,

Deepest thanks,
Vets United to Stop The Border Wall,
The No Border Wall Coalition, Laredo, TX


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