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To: To Drs. Kessler, Murthy, and Nunez-Smith, co-chairs of the Biden COVID task force:

Tell the Biden COVID-19 task force: Vaccines must be free & accessible worldwide!

Tell the Biden COVID-19 task force: Vaccines must be free & accessible worldwide!

In addition to rejoining the World Health Organization, President-elect Biden must make any FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine free and accessible, worldwide. We urge President-elect Biden to immediately join the global COVAX initiative upon taking office in January.

There has rarely been a more important moment to put people over profits. Defeating the coronavirus will require global cooperation.

Why is this important?

Two U.S. companies — Pfizer and Moderna — have reported that their vaccines are 90%+ effective in providing immunity from COVID-19.

This is groundbreaking, game-changing news for people here in the United States and all over the world — but only if everyone can access these treatments. NOW is the time to demand these treatments be free and accessible to EVERYONE.

We have a tiny window to pressure President-elect Biden's COVID-19 task force to ensure PEOPLE come before PROFITS. A Biden administration must not only immediately rejoin the World Health Organization (WHO) — the United States has got to go further.

Add your name now to urge President-elect Biden's COVID task force to support the global COVAX initiative AND ensure that any FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine is made COMPLETELY free and fully accessible to everyone, as quickly as possible.


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