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Tell the Senate: Oppose Casey Arrowood’s nomination!

Under the Trump administration, Casey Arrowood used the now-defunct “China Initiative” to target a Chinese professor for overzealous and unfounded prosecutions. He should not be appointed as US Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee. We demand you oppose his nomination!

Why is this important?

A Trump-era prosecutor who targeted Chinese academics without proof of a crime could be facing a big promotion in the US court system. Civil rights and Asian American groups are furious. We’re joining the call to stop his nomination.

Casey Arrowood was the first prosecutor to use Trump’s racist “China Initiative” to target academics of Chinese origin. And he was relentless. The Biden administration ended the “China Initiative,” calling it “biased” and “flawed.” But now Casey Arrowood could be promoted for using it against the Chinese immigrant community. Unless we speak up to stop it.

Sign the petition: Tell the Senate to oppose Casey Arrowood’s nomination!

The “China Initiative” was created to root out economic espionage from China, but instead this policy was weaponized for overzealous prosecution against Asian academics. Casey Arrowood used the “China Initiative” to go after Dr. Anming Hu. With only a Chinese press release translated poorly via Google as evidence, Casey Arrowood accused Dr. Hu of being a spy. He then placed Dr. Hu and his teenage son under FBI surveillance for over a year.

When the surveillance didn’t turn up any evidence of espionage Casey Arrowood tried to mount a wire fraud case against Dr. Hu that was so weak a federal judge had it tossed out. Casey Arrowood should not be allowed to practice law, let alone get promoted to the US Attorney’s office.

Demand Progress has long led the fight against this exact kind of government surveillance abuse. Now we’re standing with civil rights groups, elected officials, and academics to demand that the Senate block Casey Arrowood’s nomination. Will you join us?

Sign the petition: Tell the Senate to oppose Casey Arrowood’s nomination!

1. Tennessee Lookout, “Falsely accused University of Tennessee professor: Biden should rescind U.S. Attorney nomination,” August 11, 2022.



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