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To: U.S. Senate

Tell the Senate: Vote NO on Chad Wolf

Tell the Senate: Vote NO on Chad Wolf

Trump has announced his intentions to nominate Chad Wolf to be confirmed as Department of Homeland Security Secretary and I urge you to vote NO on his confirmation.

Wolf has no business being head of DHS and recent reports indicating he may have withheld evidence of Russian government interference in U.S. elections — possibly to protect Trump's reputation — prove his inability to protect the United States and the safety of its people.

Why is this important?

Trump’s Acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Chad Wolf reportedly told intelligence analysts to downplay assessments on Russian election interference because they were making the President "look bad."

Wolf’s politicization of the most fundamental and non-operations operations of government is the stuff of authoritarian regimes — twisting basic information used to make life or death security decisions just to appease Trump’s vanity.

Incredibly, Trump wants to nominate Wolf as DHS Secretary and put him in this role permanently. But no one who believes this is acceptable behavior for the head of a government agency should have the job.

Reasons for signing

  • Wolf is a political apppointee, he has no other valid qualifications and has already abused the position.
  • Chad Wolf is wrong for this job. Senate needs to vote NO on his approval!


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