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To: President Joseph R. Biden

Thank you, President Biden... Now, cancel all student debt!

President Biden, you made history when you announced a plan to cancel student debt for millions of Americans. This is a critical first step towards addressing an economic issues impacting 43 million people. Now, we urge you to go further.

Why is this important?

We applaud President Biden's historic student debt cancellation plan, but we recognize that millions of people will still be burdened by debt. That is why we urge the President to cancel all student debt to ensure borrowers have the financial freedom to invest in their futures, support their families, benefit their communities, and contribute to the economy.

President Biden must take the next step and cancel student debt for all. Research shows that debt cancellation is progressive. That means the more that is canceled, the more benefits reach people who need help. On top of that, canceling more debt will further advance efforts to address racial and gender equity issues.



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