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To: President Biden, along with the Governor Legislative Leaders of Georgia

Free Stone Mountain from its Confederate Traitors and Help Tell the Real Story

Free Stone Mountain from its Confederate Traitors and Help Tell the Real Story

Its time that the Federal government uses its Constitutional authority to federalize the land, formerly owned an operated by the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), that encompasses Stone Mountain and the oppressively designed Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial.

Like the period of reconstruction following the Civil War, this should be a temporary exercise of federal eminent domain authorities and an action which lasts only as long as necessary to A)detonate and remove the monument to white supremacy from the face of Stone Mountain and B)establish a new public-private partnership to operate a granite quarry from the site. Granite cut from the site, or recycled from the fallen Confederacy collected at the base of the mountain, is to be used to honorably mark and memorialize the location of burial sites for the slaves upon whose back the south was built. Once free of its binds to Stone Mountain, this granite will finally be able to tell the real story of the Confederacy and the devastating effect it had, and continues to have on America today.

Join the effort to Beautify GA by Freeing Stone Mountain From the Scars Ripped into it from the KKK and the the Confederacy.

Why is this important?

The confederacy's post war wing, The Grand Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) - and their endless acts of terrorism and oppression across GA and most other southern states - were re-constituted, based, expanded, and exported from Stone Mountain. While the state government today owns the mountain, memorial and surrounding land, it is the KKK who are historically credited as the driving force behind the site selection and construction for the memorial. In 2021, Stone Mountain continues its projection of the oppressive and menacing threat of the Confederate States of America, and its terrorist offspring the KKK, and ensures that both of these scars on history continue to live today.

Stone Mountain and and its giant Confederate memorial - carved into the mountain's north face - are considered to be the most sacred site for white supremacists across the nation, regardless of which sect of hatred and oppression they subscribe to. Not only was the mountain and the association that runs its park owned and operated by the Klan until GA condemned the land in 1960, it is considered the place where the KKK was reborn in 1915 and then again in the early 1960s in regard to the rise of Dr King and the Civil Rights Movement. In fact, the memorial itself was championed by the uncompromisingly segregationist Governor Marvin Griffin and served as his direct response to the Supreme Court's 1954 ruling in Brown vs the Board of Education and the 1958 founding of the Civil Rights Movement. The haunting memorial's construction began in earnest in 1964, just as racial tensions rose in the south due to calls for equal rights. It was completed in 1972, 4 years after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and shortly after the federal government awarded minorities many of the rights, including the right to vote, that the local ruling class of the Jim Crow south systematically denied them. Today it stands as a towering symbol of this Old Dixie repression, honoring and normalizing the brutally oppressive and soul crushing institution of slavery.

Stone Mountain itself stands 1686 feet above sea water and summits 825 feet above the next highest point for hundreds of miles. At this height, the KKK's frequent giant cross burnings at its summit could be seen for miles, delivering the cold chill of terrorist oppression from the bright light of the Klansmen's flame. The carved memorial, the largest memorial to white supremacy standing anywhere in the world, is brutally carved 42 feet into the mountain's north face beginning 400 feet above its base, towering 90 feet tall and 190 feet long. Envisioned, constructed, and routinely engaged as the KKK's watchful eye of oppression, it continues to serve this task today providing daily reminders for GA's minority communities that Old Dixie, and its values, live to this day through its shrine on Stone Mountain.

The time is now to be honest, as a nation, about where we are and where we have been. Its time to turn the page from Old Dixie and the defeated armies that surrendered to the Union so long ago. Its time to call the Confederacy what they were, traders and losers who ripped the country apart in an effort to preserve and expand the oppression and race based divisions of the Confederacy from sea to shining sea. We are calling upon the federal government to finally lead GA away from the anchor of its past and to the promise of tomorrow.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be delivered electronically to the White House as well as the Governor of GA and the leadership of the GA House and Senate.


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