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To: The People of Russia

Vietnam Antiwar Activists Support Russian Peace Movement

As Americans we actively opposed the illegal inhumane US military interventions in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Some of us suffered family division, social alienation, arrest, imprisonment, violence and exile. We affirm our support for and solidarity with Russians who, despite the risk of harsh consequences, peacefully oppose and resist their government's military conscription and illegal inhumane war in Ukraine.

Why is this important?

For more than a year Russia's war in Ukraine has produced a horrific loss of life and destruction of humanitarian and economic infrastructure. More than one million Russians have voted with their feet, evading the draft by choosing self-exile, similar to Americans who fled to Canada and Europe during the American war in Indochina..

This statement was created by the Vietnam Peace Commemoration Committee. Our purpose is to honor the protests and the activists that helped end the US war in Indochina and to share lessons for the present.

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