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To: Cardinals for Life

Voice your disagreement to have Abby Johnson speak at a Catholic University event.

In creating this petition, we are asking that Cardinals for Life cancels the event in which Abby Johnson will speak via Zoom regarding her perspective on the pro-life issue. We ask that they explicitly acknowledge that Abby's views are not in line with Church teachings which promote the dignity of all human life, no matter sex, gender, race, or sexual orientation, from conception to natural death.

Why is this important?

This is extremely important because we do not want to send out the wrong message to members on our campus or elsewhere, nor do we want to give a platform to someone who has explicitly expressed views contrary to our call to respect the dignity and life of all people. While she may have a unique testimony to becoming an anti-abortion activist, Abby Johnson, in recent videos and Twitter posts, has expressed beliefs and values that do not embody the Church's or Catholic University's consistent life ethic, including egregiously racist remarks and arguments.


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