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To: Douglas County Residents

Vote Kay Emerson For USD 497 School Board

Vote Kay Emerson For USD 497 School Board


Are you someone that believes that our next generation deserves a fighting chance?

Or are you a person who would like want to see that their tax dollars are being put to good use?

Do you also agree that prioritizing ALL students, teachers, and staff voices and needs is part of the foundation of where begin?

Kay Emerson does too and is part of her reason for running for the school board to ensure that all students, teachers, and staff have the resources and supports that they need.

However, we need YOUR help to get there. To start visit us at and click GET INVOLVED and to learn more about Kay Emerson for USD 497 School Board and what YOU can do to help.

Why is this important?

I am a parent, friend, volunteer, and taxpayer like many of you.

Our school's needs are our community's needs. Our teachers, students, and staff deserve better and USD 497 can do better. Join the community to do what we need to get things done.

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