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To: Kate Becker, CEO University of New Mexico Hospitals

Vote of No Confidence in UNMH CEO Kate Becker

Vote of No Confidence in UNMH CEO Kate Becker

WE, the undersigned workers at University of New Mexico Hospitals (UNMH), no longer have confidence in the leadership of CEO Kate Becker for the following reasons:

1. Ms. Becker, you have refused to listen our concerns regarding safety and health.
2. Ms. Becker you have refused to provide us with necessary and adequate PPE, putting us and our families in danger.
3. Ms. Becker you have refused to provide us with paid administrative leave should we have to be quarantined because of COVID-19.
4. Ms. Becker you have refused to bargain with us in good faith.
5. Ms. Becker you have refused to pay hazard pay to those of us working in contact with COVID patients.

For all the reasons stated above and more, we believe Kate Becker has no regard for workers at UNMH.

NOSOTROS, los trabajadores bajo-firmantes de la University of New Mexico Hospital (UNMH) no tenemos confianza al liderazgo de la Ejecutiva Principal Kate Becker por las siguientes razones:

1. Sra. Becker, has negado de oír nuestras preocupaciones sobre la seguridad y salud
2. Sra. Becker, has negado dar nos el Equipo de protección Personal adecuados poniéndonos y nuestras familias en peligro
3. Sra. Becker, has negado dar nos tiempo pagado si tenemos que estar en cuarentena por el Coronavirus
4. Sra. Becker, has negado de negociar de buena fe
5. Sra. Becker, has negado de pagar el pago por riesgo
para trabajar en contacto con el coronavirus.

Por las razones declaradas arriba y más, creamos que Kate Becker no tiene consideración por los trabajadores en UNMH.

Why is this important?

Under this pandemic, WORKER SAFETY in OUR hospital must be your #1 PRIORITY Kate Becker!

CEO Kate Becker has failed to protect UNMH health care workers who care for COVID-19 patients. She has refused to bargain with our Union District 1199NM over our health and safety.

We raised the alarm to UNMH administrators nearly two months ago about the need for access to Personal Protective Equipment, strong internal safety procedures to prevent community spread, paid administrative leave for those under quarantine and who are infected with COVID-19, and hazard pay to acknowledge the risk we take every day.

The CEO has disregarded our safety and the dangers posed to our families.


La SEGURIDAD de los TRABAJADORES en NUESTRO hospital deben ser la PRIORIDAD número uno.
La Ejecutiva Principal de UNMH, Kate Becker (CEO por siglas en inglés) ha fallido de proteger a los trabajadores de salud que hagan trabajo expuestos al COVID-19. Ella ha negado negociar con nuestro sindicato District 1199NM sobre nuestro salud y seguridad.

Hace dos meses levantamos una alerta a los administradores de UNMH, sobre las necesidades de los empleados en relación con el Equipo de Protección Personal y sobre los procedimientos dentro del hospital para prevenir el contagio de COVID 19. También sobre el tiempo pagado por ser expuestos al coronavirus durante la cuarentena, pago por el riesgo de ser expuesto.
Becker ha ignorado nuestra seguridad y los peligros posados a nuestras familias.

en Kate Becker.

How it will be delivered

Vote results will be delivered to the CEO and press conference will be announced.

Resultados del voto van a ser entregados y rueda de prensa anunciado

Reasons for signing

  • Sadly, UNM is losing more and more nurses because of Miss Becker. It costs money to hire new people than take of your current employees Kate!
  • No hazard pay or protection and CEO AND all supervisors gets bonuses???
  • Us healthcare workers are overworked and over exposed. We don't have Enough PPE and Are not given Hazardous pay, but the CEO gets these bonuses of ridiculous amounts. Its Shocking to me how the front line workers are treated.


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