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To: U.S. Congress and President Trump

We Demand a Global Ceasefire

We Demand a Global Ceasefire

Right now, we need the entirety of the U.S. government fighting this pandemic, not endless wars. I demand the U.S. government stop wasting precious resources on war and put everything into fighting real challenges that threaten human security in the 21st century — global health, migration, inequality, and climate.

Why is this important?

None of us have ever seen anything like the coronavirus crisis. The whole world, all at once, has been brought to its knees, is shut down, and individual governments are working, sometimes together, to defeat the global pandemic. Most of the news right now is soul crushing, but it’s also heartening to see so many people doing things big and small to try and make it through this.

Because the truth is, it’s going to take all of us, everywhere, doing our part. That’s what every doctor, every scientist, and every public health official is telling us. Yet in far too many corners of the world, some of us are still trying to kill one another on the battlefield.

And we are seeing before how the military-first approach responds to global health crises — it deprioritizes human needs. So let’s do something BIG.

Add your name NOW and join the chorus for peace and tell U.S. leaders that YOU support a global ceasefire!


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