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AARP: Support the Repeal of the GPO & WEP

Campaign created by
Pam Alexandroff

Early into the 118th Congress, it is a critical moment for AARP to act by informing legislators that Social Security protection must include the elimination of the harsh GPO and WEP penalties that diminish or deny the rightfully earned Social Security benefits of American citizens.

Since AARP has demonstrated support for aging issues as part of its mission, there could not be a matter more important to the many affected by the offsets, of which a staggering number are educators and first responders.

It is unacceptable for AARP to continue its neutral stance on GPO and WEP repeal, as the penalties are a direct affront to the financial security of retired Americans who have served our nation, kept us safe and secure, and educated our children.

The only way to rectify this uncomfortable reality affecting deserving retirees who have qualified for benefits based on their earnings record or that of a spouse is to remove the GPO and the WEP from Social Security law through federal legislation.

Hear our voices and act now by shaping your advocacy decisions to meet the needs of your diverse membership so that deserving Americans can realize the full breadth of their earned and spousal Social Security benefits.

Why is this important?

As a lobbying group working at the local, state, and federal levels on issues affecting aging Americans, retired Americans need AARP’s political influence to assist in repealing the GPO and WEP.


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