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To: Carol Folt & USC Administration

Abolish Social Greek Life At USC

Abolish Social Greek Life At USC

Following the lead of other schools where there is a push for the abolishment of IFC and Panhellenic Greek life, we ask Carol Folt and the rest of USC administration to place a permanent ban on all future social (not professional or cultural) sorority and fraternity recruiting at the University of Southern California, so that in 3 years they will no longer exist on campus.

Why is this important?

After an influx of revealing stories submitted by students who have been abused and traumatized by Greek organizations and their members at USC, it has come to the attention of USC's student body that these organizations are doing much more harm than good to our community. A recent study has grounded these perspectives in data, and those involved and uninvolved in Greek life at USC have shown us that empty promises and reforms are no longer tolerable. College is an introduction to adult life for many students, and Greek life acts as a precedent for how students should behave socially after they finish their time at USC. The normalization of sexual assault, white supremacist ideals, and gender or sexuality-based discrimination have no place in our students' first steps towards adult independence. The world around us is progressing rapidly, but by choosing not to stand with the abolishment of IFC and Panhellenic Greek organizations, USC will be left behind in social evolution.


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