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To: The Judicial Branch

Judicial Board Mandated Training

Judicial Board Mandated Training

As a society, we have the legal right to understand that when we enter a court of law, that the judge hearing cases concerning any form of domestic violence, all forms of abuse, including sexual, mental, emotional, and psychological, have been mandated by the Judicial Board to make decisions concerning minor children and victims.

There are currently 24 judges in the United States that are mandated by the judicial board to take training on the physical side of domestic violence, leaving zero judges being mandated to take training on emotional, mental, and psychological abuse, including sexual assault, rape, and sexual rape on minor children and adult victims. This has got to change!

Because judges are not being mandated in such training above, judges are not able to make correct decisions concerning placing a minor child with the abuser and protect adult victims. Most adult victims enter a court only to be abused by the court system that is supposed to be there to protect victims and innocent children.

It is past time the Judicial Board mandate all judges be trained in all forms of domestic violence, including sexual assault to minor children and adult victims, so judges are not forcing minor children and adult victims to continually be abused by their abuser.

A mandated Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) must be given to abusers, along with no contact orders, to help innocent children and victims remain safe at all times, and lower the death rate of innocent children and adult victims.

Why is this important?

Studies demonstrated that the most vulnerable time for any victim and children, is after they escape from there abuser. Abusers are using the courtrooms to enforce 50/50 custody or sole custody of minor children to continually have direct access to victims and their minor children and adult victims. This direct victimizing allows abusers access to minor children whom have zero voices inside a court of law, and are being forced to engage directly with their abuser over and over, despite watching this same abuse, or receiving this abuse, or experiencing sexual abuse, when the family was a unit. Victims are helpless inside a court of law from not only protecting innocent children but as well themselves. Meanwhile the abuser uses the court system to maintain control of victims and the minor children.
With only 24 judges being mandated in learning, on the physical side of abuse, this has subjected and forced victims to have zero support inside court rooms throughout the United States. This is a direct violation to victims and innocent children because these judges hearing these cases are forcing victims and innocent children back into the same abuse they escaped. How many more innocent children and adult victims must die before these judges are mandated in all forms of domestic violence, including sexual assault and rape?
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