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To: Amtrak

Bring the Pioneer to the Pacific Northwest!

Bring the Pioneer to the Pacific Northwest!

Bring back the Pioneer Amtrak rail service. The Pacific Northwest needs another easier, safer mode of transportation. Linking Denver, CO, to Portland, OR would be extraordinary, and the demand is there.

Why is this important?

Bringing the Pioneer Amtrak route back, making stops in towns like Hood River, La Grande, Ontario, Boise ID, Salt Lake City UT, and Denver Co would be a major uplifting to potentially 10's of thousands of people who would travel it frequently. Especially during poor weather, and other major events. Bringing the Pioneer back would be a monumental improvement to this region, but would also show that it is needed, by the demand it would have. It would likely be used more in the winter, as the area can see brutal storms. I know many families that would travel it to see other distant family members. Of course you will have a good size of business people riding, but the real benefits will go to people who may not have the ability to drive, seniors who don't like driving long distances, big families with small cars, and much more are possible with this line, and this route.

Reasons for signing

  • Eastern Oregon needs this.
  • Growing up in Pendleton in the 70 to early 80s, I'd often take the train to visit family. My grandmother and I would also take trips on the train to Portland. It's a beautiful route between Pendleton and Portland along the Gorge
  • I live in La Grande and travel to Boise several times a year. It would be lovely to have another option to take when the weather is bad. Also, my 9 year old would absolutely ADORE riding on the train, even if it was just to Pendleton and back.


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