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To: City of San Diego, San Diego Airport Authority

Change the Name of San Diego's Lindbergh Field

Change the Name of San Diego's Lindbergh Field

1. Change the name of Lindbergh Field.
2. Or include asterisks, links, etc. to information on how isolationist, Anti-Semitic, and hateful Mr. Lindbergh was.
3. Take back rationalizations about how important and successful Lindbergh was and acknowledge the hurt this caused.

Why is this important?

Mr. Lindbergh contributed to the US not entering WWII soon enough.
He said the Jews were one of three current world problems. He also said one thing people couldn't discuss was the 'Jewish problem.'

A city that wants to appear accepting, wants socially conscious businesses to be founded or re-locate there, and wants to tackle hate doesn't welcome people to their environs via Mr. Lindbergh.

As to their rationale that Lindbergh did x, y, and z, Germany created the first jet. Does that mean we ignore everything else they did back then?

Dr. Mengele might have had redeeming qualities. I wouldn't suggest pointing that out.

Reasons for signing

  • JUSTICE NOW! NO TRUMP, NO KKK, NO RACIST USA!!! Change the name!


2020-08-06 21:08:54 -0400

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