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To: Senator Bob Menendez

Condemn the Human Rights Violations in Colombia and reduce Military Aid

Condemn the Human Rights Violations in Colombia and reduce Military Aid

Human Rights, and the current situation in Colombia is too close to our hearth to ignore, and we implore your office to use the capacity available to address the injustices happening over the last weeks, and that will continue to happen if there is no diplomatic intervention. Specifically, we ask your office to open an inquiry into the reduction of aid to the Colombian government, to prevent the strengthening of a regime that has ignored his side of the bargain, has increase human rights abuses, and provides no accountability to the people they serve.
Part of the conditions of the aid and the goals of American assistance include respect for human rights; access to justice; protection of displaced people, minorities, and other vulnerable groups. Considering the failed attempts of the Duque administration in providing peace and security to social leaders, students, and vulnerable groups it is imminent that future aid be reevaluated, and that the current human rights violations be further studied by the OEA and Inter-American Court of Human Rights, under U.S. leadership.

Why is this important?

Templores ONG, reported that by May 3rd 2021, over 1181 reports of violence against unarmed civilians had been reported. (Including at least 56 disappeared people and 26 killed by law enforcement). The fact that police is rounding students, protesters and bystanders in stadiums should remind us of the atrocities committed in Chile. Please do not let history repeat itself and speak up to protect those vulnerable in Colombia.

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