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To: Senators Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Rob Portman, Cory Gardner, and Marco Rubio

Defend our Constitution!

Defend our Constitution!

Demand that witnesses be called in the Senate Trial of Donald J. Trump on Articles of Impeachment. Leaders from your caucus have already publicly stated that they will defy their oath of impartiality during the trial, going so far as to coordinate with Trump's defense team. It is up to you to hold to your oath as a Senator, and show the leadership you have been elected by your constituents for.

Why is this important?

It is not hyperbole to say that our country is at a crossroads and the very health of our Republic is at stake. It is undeniable that President Trump has abused the power of his office by seeking the interference of a foreign government in our elections and that he refused to provide Congress with documents and witnesses who would have provided important information regarding the impeachment investigation. By requesting assistance from a foreign leader, Trump violated the law established by the FEC Act. By refusing to provide witnesses and documents, he was in Contempt of Congress. Both acts are crimes. Both acts are impeachable offenses. Both acts require witnesses, testimony, and further discovery to determine in an impartial manner if the President should be removed from office.

We, the American people, including the constituents in your respective states deserve to have fair and impartial representation in the Senate, especially at this moment. If you do not stand in defense of the Constitution at this moment, and this trial is the circus that the Republican leadership is promising, it will be the beginning of the end of our Republic as we know it. The Congress will forever lose its ability to check the power of the Executive Branch. This is not about this President, this is about the pillar of our country which requires separate powers that balance each other.

You have each shown the independence, thoughtfulness, and leadership to show the country and the world that the idea that is America still breathes powerfully through our Constitution.

Thank you.

Reasons for signing

  • If we ignore the rule of law we have nothing - our country is dead.
  • These senators, under oath, swore to uphold the Constitution, not to uphold the Republican party.
  • All Senators should follow this route.


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