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To: Cox communication Comcast and all internet service providers

Demand ISP like Comcast & cox provide unlimited data to all users

Demand ISP like Comcast & cox provide unlimited data to all users

In the area we live in in Tucson there is an agreement between Comcast and Cox to Internet cable service providers in the area to not infringe on the others territory. This gives each of them a monopoly and is also collusion. Now they are both starting to implement data use charges on top of monthly billing which is already exorbitantly high during the Covid crisis when kids are preparing to go back to school completely online. It is time that they ended there territory agreements and are forced to compete with each other for customers. They also need to provide unlimited data Instead of punishing people that are already struggling through this current crisis.

Why is this important?

It is important because of the current Covid crisis because families are having to keep children at home and do school online and because monopolies and collusion between corporations that compete with each other is illegal and destroys the very foundation of a free market.


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