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To: Christians across the U.S.

No to Christian Support for the "Deal of the Century"

No doubt you have seen the Trump administration trumpeting the “Deal of the Century” for their so-called Middle-East Peace Plan. What is less known is the role of evangelical Christian Zionists and their support for the oppression of my family in Palestine. As a Palestinian Christian, I urge you to join me in saying No to Christian support for the "Deal of the Century" by signing this petition and urging your representatives to denounce the plan. The plan perpetuates Israeli colonialism, entrenches apartheid, and furthers Palestinian subjugation. Instead we call for the support of the Freedom is the Future vision and policy demands ( including ending U.S. military funding for Israel until Palestinians, like my family, have basic human rights.

Evangelical Christian Zionists, like those who make up Christians United for Israel (CUFI), have been integral to creating Trump's proposed apartheid plan, attempting to normalize the daily oppression of my family in Palestine. As a Palestinian Christian, I stand with Americans across this country who are reclaiming the Christian voice and supporting our faith values of freedom and justice! Ten mainline denominations have passed diverse resolutions calling for justice in Palestine from ending the Israeli occupation to demanding the return of basic Palestinian rights. Please join these Christian leaders on the right side of history by denouncing Trump's plan and ending U.S. funding for Israel until all Palestinians have basic human rights.

Why is this important?

Trump's "Deal of the Century" is a direct attack on the rights of the Palestinian people, one that would not be possible without Christians United for Israel (CUFI), the largest Israel lobby in the US. CUFI has spent over a decade laying the groundwork for these policies. With unyielding support for U.S. military funding to Israel, anti-BDS legislation, and settlement expansion, CUFI has been moving towards this moment since its inception. It is no surprise that CUFI's founder, John Hagee, a frequent guest to the White House over the past 4 years, attended Trump's announcement. With over 8 million members and consistent presence on Capital Hill, CUFI is intimately involved in strengthening conservative backing for Israel. Trump’s shameful attempts at suppressing Palestinian freedom would not be possible without them. We cannot allow CUFI’s influence to go unchallenged! Join me now in taking back our Christian Voice!

How it will be delivered

We plan to email the petition to the offices of our representatives and to hand deliver it to the CUFI Summit June 28-29 during our Counter CUFI Action.



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