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To: New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Delay the Permit and Protect our Air

The GP Gypsum facility in Camden, New Jersey has applied to the DEP in order to increase the amount of production and air pollution at their South Front Street location. This, in a neighborhood that is overburdened by pollution and that, has the highest rate of particulate matter in New Jersey (as reported by the Spruce Street air monitoring station just a few blocks away). New Jersey recently passed a Cumulative Impact Environmental Justice law that would help protect against increased pollution in a community like this- we understand that the rules haven't been written so it cannot be enforced yet. However, we want the DEP to uphold the spirit of the law by extending the public comment period for this permit to allow for greater oversight and analysis of the cumulative impact of this industry and provide a public hearing so that residents can be informed and express their concerns.

Why is this important?

We have a right to clean air. In light of the recent fire at EMR, reports of air pollution, explosions and smells coming from the various industries in our community, hearing that GP Gypsum wants to increase their output extensively is extremely distressing and should be unconscionable considering we are designated as an Environmental Justice community. What does that designation mean if not that there is a dire need to reduce emissions and not allow them to increase? We love our community, and we need it to be healthy. Increasing emissions from any source in the neighborhood would be a huge step back and jeopardize public health in a City where childhood asthma rates are an alarming 33% (compared to 9% in NJ). We need the Department of Environmental Protection to protect our community from increased pollution and risk!


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