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To: President Trump and his Administration

Every Death of a US COVID-19 Patient Needs to be Heard

As we approach 100,000 deaths in the US from COVID-19, we need to commemorate these senseless losses of life for their families and loved ones as well as to reset our priorities toward valuing people over profits and power.

Why is this important?

Let's show the President and his administration what 100,000 of something looks like.

To date, finding 100,000 deaths in the US from COVID-19 during the past 4 months describes a ridiculously large number - a total exceeded (for example) only by the total US military deaths from either the 4+ years of WW II or the 4+ years American Civil War. Ranking 3rd on that list is not an achievement of which to be proud

That the 100,000 deaths happened so swiftly, in so many locales, and with so little recognition of the actual spread of the virus speaks to the total lack of sincere concern for all those affected and in particular of the empty expressions of empathy to all the patients, their families and loved ones, as well as the medical and support staffs and organizations who ran toward the pandemic to help rather than retire to some more serene place of safety.

100,000 deaths and the corresponding muddled and ineffective efforts offered by the Executive leadership stands out as clearly as the pervasive absence of any continuing care or concern about the public at large. The mixed messages, fits and starts of policy or proclamation, and valuing of business results over peoples' health, lives, families, futures and contributions to society tells the shockingly dismissive story of what matters to the rich and powerful.

We can inform our President and his associates of the real magnitude of concern by signing this petition in multiple hundreds of thousands so as to dwarf the sad effects of their feckless attempts to downplay the realities of the issues.

Let's cap the many signatures with a tearful emoji from each signer!


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