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To: Nevada State Attorney General’s Office

Evoq Tenant Complaint Petition

Photo by pisauikan on Unsplash

Tenants have the right to a safe and inhabitable home. We would like for the plumbing and sewage conditions to be evaluated and determined by a 3rd party vendor not affiliated with the property or property management company. As well as a resolve that will NOT impact other living comforts such as running water, heating, etc. We would like an evaluation on each building to determine and resolve the conditions with pest, mold (due to constant plumbing and sewage issues), and general safety concerns created by non residence loitering the property . We would ask that vacant units be frequently checked for squatters and non residents and that proactive measures are taken to ensure that there will be less traffic from non residents with no affiliation to residents. We would also like a review of our leasing agreements by the state as well as an investigation into possible violations of said agreement from the property owner/management.

Why is this important?

Tenants have rights! If they won’t hear us separately they will have no choice but to hear us all together. Our safety and quality of living matter. We need resolutions and not excuses! From plumbing issues to loitering. We deserve better!


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