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To: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy 2468 Rayburn HOB Washington, DC 20515 Phone 202-225-2915 Fax 202-225-2908

Expel Representative Lauren Boebert from Congress, Immediately.

Representative Boebert — who was one of the 147 Republican lawmakers who voted on Jan. 6 to overturn the presidential election and spread the same lie about voter fraud that fueled the Capitol riot hours earlier — said in her press materials that it’s time to impeach Biden because nobody has resigned since he withdrew U.S. troops from Afghanistan, leaving behind some military equipment as the Taliban took over.

(There has been no accounting of how much equipment remained after U.S. troops left.)

“There have been no resignations, no indictments, no investigations, no congressional oversight, no outcry from the mainstream media, and no apologies,” her statement said, “so I’m stepping up to hold Biden and Harris accountable by filing articles of impeachment for giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies and colluding with the Taliban.”

Boebert’s office issued a corrected press release minutes after HuffPost asked for comment about the congresswoman’s concerns with the letter P.

But the damage was already done.

Toby Morton, a writer for the comedy series South Park, apparently bought the website, which directs visitors to a parody website highlighting Boebert’s belief in far-right conspiracy theories.

Boebert spokesman Jake Settle said the most important thing is that people are talking about the congresswoman’s articles of impeachment — which, to be clear, are completely politically driven and will go nowhere.

“Rep. Boebert is glad to see that a staff error is forcing HuffPost to talk about impeaching Biden,” he said.

Settle did not say how such a colossal typo made its way into a grahic featured so rominently on the congresswoman’s web age.

Does she have any shame calling for President Biden’s Impeachment when the one she wants to be in his place was colluding with Taliban Leaders Years ago. Meeting with Despots that he admires all over the Asian & European continents. Trump is far from an innocent man in all of the BS IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Why is this important?

No proof Biden left Taliban $80B in weapons, or that he wants Americans’ pistols. No proof he had anything to with what the immigrants from went through recently. Are they going to blame him for the hurricanes that devastated the gulf coast & the north east earlier this summer. The Republicans are a bunch of tax collecting and spending money on nonsense instead of worrying about COVID-19 or anything but this BS TIT FOR TAT trying to get an elected President impeached on trivial crazy nonsensical statements and accusations. Challenging Joe & Kamala is a mistake the Republicans of Trump will never do. The Dems have the House, the Senate, and The White House- they’ll never get this done in the Joe Cool Era.

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