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To: Both Houses of Congress

Free ALL children in detention centers who are victims of abuse and negligence.

Free ALL children held in detention centers or deportation hotels who are victims of abuse and negligence immediately.

They are also victims of COVID-10, horrible living conditions and unfair detention, while suffering hunger, lack of hygiene and medical care.

Why is this important?

A spike in apprehensions of migrant children crossing the U.S. southern border without a parent or guardian is threatening to overwhelm the systems set up to care for them, and has reinvigorated debate over the detention of minors.

The Donald J. Trump administration has called the influx of asylum seekers—both adults and minors—a national security threat, and has implemented a suite of policies meant to deter migrants and combat human traffickers. Critics, including many in Congress, say the administration’s response is exacerbating a humanitarian crisis in Central America, breaking U.S. law, and violating international human rights norms, according to on The Council on Foreign Relations.



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