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To: Donna Thomas ,Mr. Ogas and Theresa Olga’s

Get Mr. Bryan back his job!

Bryan Jaramillo was wrongly put on administrative leave pending investigation until April 6th we have time to appeal the decision. He’s made aware of this today when he came into work that the same parent who has made false allegations and outrageous claims before as well as a staff member had complained supposedly that he was hugging one of the students in his class goodbye literally every staff member/teacher. Bryan should be no different. He is being discriminated against and falsely accused of things because of one hateful parent.

Why is this important?

Not only is Mr. Bryan an amazing person just in general. He is one of the very few teachers today who still absolutely give their all to his children in his class, and every other child in that school as a matter of fact, Bryan is there to feed their minds and teach them, there is not one child in that school that doesn’t absolutely adore Bryan , because of his work ethics his ethics as a human being and his teacher ethics bring back Bryan immediately!!

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