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To: Governor Steve Sisolak, Clark County Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Mayor Carolyn Goodman, Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford

Governor Sisolak: Suspend home rental regulations and put immediate moratorium on enforcement

Dear Governor Sisolak, during these difficult times that everyone in our State is facing, it is time for you to put a moratorium on any regulations and enforcement of any restrictions of short term rentals done in Nevada properties to allow property owners and tenants an opportunity to earn desperately needed income now more than ever. This may mean the difference between someone being at risk of losing their home or not having the funds needed to provide for basic food and necessities for their families. 

When all businesses are shut down for 30 days and hundreds of thousands of Nevada workers do not have jobs, they can earn needed income by opening a room, a garage apartment, a rental home or a casita to those essential workers who might need a short term place to stay, especially now with so many hotels shut down. Even if hotels were not shutdown, it is simply more safe and sensible to have our essential workers stay in smaller lodging accommodations than hotels where lots of people congregate.

We know that hospitals are still recruiting out of state nurses and other health workers to come to Nevada and with everyone staying put in their homes and all stores closed (including furniture stores) along with hotels, there is no better place than a furnished property to give those needing a temporary shelter now a better option.

Why is this important?

We, as Nevada Property Rights Alliance (NPRA), have been calling on municipalities and state lawmakers to get the rules preventing property owners from enjoying their constitutional rights for more than a year now in anticipation of another recession coming to our state inevitably.

However, we did not expect this will be needed so much sooner. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, this requires immediate attention and action and will help everyone involved - those who are sharing their homes and those who need a furnished place to stay now. 

Governor Sisolak, we are awaiting your leadership on this issue this week as soon as possible. It's time for an Emergency Declaration. Meanwhile, we hope Mayors and City Councils take immediate action if they understand the urgency of this and do not wait on the Governor to act.

Your fellow Nevadans in need of decisive leadership,

Nevada Property Rights Alliance

Reasons for signing

  • For those of us with no financial assistance or income, this would help us pay our mortgage and pay other bills.
  • This can help us who need someway to survive and support and feed out family
  • To be able to keep my home, earn money, provide guest with special experience, pay tax, pay workers to help maintenance and cleaning, better the neighborhood by keeping property in the top shape while screening my guests.


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