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To: Rupert Murdoch

Help Stop Fox News from spreading lies and misinformation

Help Stop Fox News from spreading lies and misinformation

Dear Mr. Murdoch,

We are writing because you own News Corp, which owns Fox News.

In light of the comment made earlier this week by your daughter-in-law, Kathryn, we hope you take steps to put "country above profits.”

Since the COVID-19 epidemic started in January 2020, Fox News personalities like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham have offered up misleading and inaccurate information to viewers about the pandemic. Additionally, their handling of the 2020 Election results, in recent days, has been just as imprecise and problematic.

Here are a few of the inaccurate quotes made by these online personalities in recent months about COVID:

COVID - Tucker Carlson told viewers it was "irrational to be worried about it" and continues to spread misinformation about mask wearing. Sean Hannity and Tucker mocked predictions from expert virologists and epidemiologists and the news outlets that covered their warnings. Hannity said, “You know what’s amazing about the corona thing? Every model, every person: wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.” Martha MacCullun told Fox viewers the common flu may actually prove to be deadlier than the pandemic, “It is quite possible that you’re going to end up with numbers of fatalities in this COVID-19 tragedy of those that have been affected that will be south of the numbers in the 2018 flu season." Laura Ingraham tweeted the pandemic was a “great time to fly,” and “risk to the average person does remain quite low.”

According to most health care professionals, CDC and WHO, the information conveyed above is misleading and WRONG. 200,000+ dead; 100,000+ a day of new infections.

In regards to how this impacts people. An April study by researchers at the Becker Friedman Institute for Economics at the University of Chicago found "Fox News personalities like Tucker Carlson and/or Sean Hannity, who mislead the public and/or downplayed the virus, may have resulted in greater numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths among Fox viewers". Given this, I have to ask, DO YOU CARE ABOUT THE WELFARE OF YOUR VIEWERS?

In terms of the 2020 Presidential Election, efforts made by these same Fox personalities has called into question the accuracy of this amazing election. Currently, any and all claims of fraud are BASELESS. The Trump campaign has NOT come out with any real examples of voter fraud or tampering, and so far, any and all attempts to lead this charge in court(s) has failed. By continuing this election fraud 'HOAX," these Fox personalities are basically slapping the 77,000,000 voters who came out in support of President Elect Joe Biden, in the face.

Just last week, Carlson contended the “outcome of our presidential election was seized from the hands of voters” and put in the hands of “clearly corrupted city bureaucrats. Ingraham did an online interview with an unidentified "whistle blower" -- with hidden face and altered voice -- to claim that folks from a Biden-Harris bus were altering ballots in Nevada. She was later found to NOT be a credible source.

So here's the deal. We are not here to tell you how to run a news outlet. We are not here to ask you to prevent these News personalities from exercising their 1st Amendment right to share their opinion. And we not here to suggest there is anything wrong with conservative media - to each their own.

What we are here to tell you what these Fox News personalities have done and continue to do is hurting America. We are here to tell you these Fox News personalities may have actually contributed to the spread of this deadly virus by reporting untrue information or downplaying THE BIGGEST pandemic to hit the United States in modern times. We are here to tell you POLITICS should not take precedence over PEOPLE'S LIVES. We are here to tell you anyone who attempts to discredit the results of this election by promoting baseless claims is hurting our democracy, our people and the one thing that does make "America great" our ability to count on a fair and accurate election process - a right African American's and women spent close to a century to achieve.

We know these News personalities bring in the big bucks. But what they say has real consequences that money cannot solve.

How long is the Fox Network or News Corp going to allow them to promote lies and inaccurate information? When will News Corp require them to follow proper journalistic rules and etiquette?

These Fox News personalities need to be HELD accountable. They need to be held to a higher standard when it comes to reporting FACTS. Elements of good journalism include truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness, and public accountability. From what we can tell, NONE of the Fox personalities listed above have engaged even ONE of these principles.

Opinion talk is one thing, spreading false information is another.

Fox viewers deserve better from Fox News.

We demand IT.

Why is this important?

Because facts matter and misinformation hurts Americans.

How it will be delivered

Email and snail mail.

Reasons for signing

  • They should at least tell the democrat side from what I seen it's all anti democrat talk,they should be trying to be unbias and try not to divide america so much!
  • If they were truthful in the beginning then perhaps there wouldn’t be so many supporters of a racist idiot right now, but what’s done is done so IF they were to START reporting actual true facts then people wouldn’t be so misled and divided in the future!!!
  • Perhaps a lost cause, calling out FOX, which is interested in making money. But I will do so.


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Please sign me. FACTS matter.