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To: Tunisian authorities, Ivory Coast ambassador, Cameroun ambassador, Libya authorities

Help us raise awareness about the situation in Tunisia

The situation in Tunisia for the Black Africans has been getting more precarious every day, ever since the speech of the Tunisien président. More recently, however, the situation has become more critical as many men, women, and children have been dropped off and stranded in the desert without food and water. Not to mention, the horrible acts of violence being perpetrated against them within the cities. This can not continue! To the Tunisiens authorities, we who sign this document, appeal to your humanity and beg of you to rescue those abandoned in the desert and call off the assaults against our fellow human beings. To the Ivory Coast and Cameroun authorities, we ask that you please assist your country people in a safe return back home for those who wish to return. Many people have already lost their lives including children and the precious baby who was born in the desert sometime last week. Please put an end to this.

Why is this important?

Many lives are at risk.


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