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To: Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer

Hold them ALL accountable for the coup

Hold them ALL accountable for the coup

January 6th's coup attempt was filmed, live, and was the most egregious example of sedition and treason this country has ever seen. And yet, even though we have video of many who caused harm, death, and terror, no one has been arrested. They must ALL be arrested and held to the highest possible laws of this country. Donald Trump must be removed and jailed immediately! Hawley must be IMMEDIATELY removed, as well as Cruz, from their positions. Beyond that, the laws must be changed so that this has no way to occur again.

Why is this important?

Unless this is done, laws become a lie and the democracy is well and truly dead. Unless this is done, you create a schism between power and the powerless that is too deep to heal; our brothers and sisters of color, our women, will never trust, will never stop fighting to create equality, and there will never be peace. Ever. Unless this is done, you confirm the ability of another dictator to take the White House, and you allow the Senators who care only for their own skins to keep perpetuating the violence and lack of morality to continue. And you simply kill our country.


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