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To: Gloucester Residents and Other Concerned Citizens

Invest Your Money Locally

Invest Your Money Locally

Please move 10% of your wealth from Wall Street to Main Street.

I worked on this proposal in 1999, just before the debacle. I advanced this proposal again in 2007, just before the Stock Market crush. Can you imagine how much richer Gloucester people would be today?

This is another call. Any time is a god time to invest locally. But now perhaps more than ever.

Ready to create a Gloucester Interdependence Fund (GIF)?

Residents of other communities, ready to create YOUR Local Interdependence Fund (LIF)?

See, Three Types Of Interdependence Funds
( and

More On Interdependence Funds As Tools Of Concordian Monetary Policy. (

Move at least 10% of your wealth from Wall Street to Main Street.

Any amount is acceptable.

You can immediately cash in some of your stocks and bonds and deposit the proceeds in Gloucester banks.

As soon as possible, we will organize the GIF (and you can organize your LIF), gather funds into it, and make the Fund operational so that your money will grow slowly--but steadily and safely.

For your benefit and the benefit of our community at the same time.

Why is this important?

Because the value of your wealth kept on Wall Street is subject to violent abrupt variations.