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To: Eric Garcetti and all justice seeking Americans

Rename Fletcher Bowron Square, LA's Mayor racist radio rants against Americans of Japanese ancestry

Rename the Fletcher Bowron Square, named after the racist mayor of Los Angeles who through his weekly radio show advocated for the removal of Japanese Americans in Los Angeles during WW II, because they "...may spring to action at an appointed time in accordance with a prearranged plan," advocated for stripping American citizens of their citizenship, and did not want any back after the war. "We put forth considerable effort to get the Japs out and they should stay out."

Why is this important?

Statues, buildings, airports, and parks should not honor racists, people who are the antithesis of what it means to be an American, a country of immigrants, a country on land taken from others and built by immigrants of all ethnicities. We, Angelenos should not have a park named for one who fanned the flames of war hysteria and race prejudice and failed to lead with justice and reason. I believe that this park, located adjacent to Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, in a city that has always been multicultural, should not memorialize this man. Let's rename the park!


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