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To: Fulton District Attorney Fani Willis, City of Atlanta, and Attorney General Christopher M. Carr

Justice For Jimmy Atchison

On January 22, 2019, Jimmy Atchison was unarmed and cornered in a closet, surrounded by four members of the AMMO task force, including former Atlanta Police Officer Sung Kim. The agents were serving a warrant on a bogus claim that he robbed Kelly Brogan, however a witness came forward and said that’s not true. The agents were serving a warrant on Atchison for armed robbery. There were no body cameras on. Conflicting commands were given. Sung Kim gave Atchison an order to come out with his hands up and shot Atchison in the face as he complied with the order with his hands up.
We as citizens are not trained to work with officers however officers are trained to engage with citizens. Sung Kim gave an order and still decided to go above jurisdiction by shooting Atchison in the face at point blank range instantly taking away a father, son, brother, nephew, community member and we need justice. What does justice look like for Jimmy Atchison?
- Sung Kim being charged with the murder of Jimmy Atchison
-Policy change in taskforce investigations before warrants being executed
-End Qualify Immunity
- Penalties for officers involved in wrongful deaths of community members during executions of warrants while their body-cams and dash-cams are off
- City assisted advocacy (scholarships, counseling, security, etc.) for his immediate family

Why is this important?

Jimmy Atchison was following Sung Kim's orders and still got shot in the face which led to his death. What is the point of a justice system if officers are allowed to go above their orders and decide citizens fate? Sung Kim decided in that moment that he was not only officer, but also judge and jury. That is wrong and the only way to make it right, is to bring forth justice to Jimmy Atchison. Please share Jimmy Atchison's story so that this won't happen to anyone else.


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