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To: Fulton District Attorney's office and District Attorney Fani Willis

Justice For Oscar Cain Jr

We want the District Attorney to meet with Oscar Cain Jr's family regarding his case and to release a public statement regarding Oscar Cain Jr's case. We want Fulton County Police Officer Marquee Kelley to be terminated as well as held accountable for having his bodycam and dashcam off. We also want a community park in honor of the work Oscar Cain Jr did in his community.

Why is this important?

Oscar Cain Jr was a passionate leader and even traveled to Ferguson to support the Black Lives Matter community during protests for Mike Brown. He was well loved in the community and was a part of many different organizations that dealt with issues such as voting rights and housing equality. He was a strong advocate for police use of body cameras and spent much of his time educating and speaking about this issue. Ironically, Cain, a father of two small children, was shot and killed by an Atlanta police officer that did not have his body camera on. Marquee Kelley, the Atlanta Police Officer who shot and killed Cain, claims someone told him they saw a man with a gun, and that when Kelley spotted Cain and tried to arrest him, Cain fled into a dark wooded area. According to Kelley’s story, he saw Cain with a gun in his hand so he shot Cain. Cain was shot in the back. He became the 7th activist who marched on the frontlines in Ferguson to die under suspicious circumstances. APD officer Kelley’s entire written report regarding the incident was three sentences and because Kelley’s body camera and dash camera were turned off when he shot Cain, there is no audio or video evidence of the shooting. Oscar Cain Jr was known to lead marches saying, “I am somebody and I deserve full equality. Right here. Right now.”

Reasons for signing

  • no justice no peace
  • Any time an officer fails to turn on his or her body camera and kills or injures a person that officer should be fired and the statement of the officer considered not trustworthy.
  • I demand justice for Oscar Cain Jr.


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