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To: Colonial Williamsburg Board of Trustees, Senior Leadership, Staff, and concerned general public

Remove Justice Neil Gorsuch from Colonial Williamsburg's Board of Trustees

The recent leaked draft decision regarding overturning Roe and Casey by the conservative majority of the Supreme Court of the United States, of which Justice Neil Gorsuch ( a current Colonial Williamsburg board member) is a part, represents a breach of public trust and egregious disregard for the values and mission of the the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, and the wishes of the vast majority of United States citizens. This petition requests the immediate removal of Justice Gorsuch from Colonial Williamsburg's board of trustees.

Why is this important?

Justice Gorsuch should hold no influential office in the Colonial Williamsburg organization as long as he pursues overturning Roe and Casey. His actions are egregiously uncompassionate, harmful, and inconsistent with the values and mission of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. As the organization stands to have "the future learn from the past", it must acknowledge that this decision is legally, intellectually, and socially regressive and would be desultory for the health, safety, and well being for a large portion of the American public. Colonial Williamsburg should stand against such behavior and expel Justice Gorsuch from its ranks.

How it will be delivered

Signatures to this petition will be delivered to Senior leadership and Chairman of the Board, Carly Fiorina to consider.


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