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To: Secretary of Defense Mike Esper

Let’s Put Saving Lives Ahead of the Pentagon’s PR Stunts

Let’s Put Saving Lives Ahead of the Pentagon’s PR Stunts

Dear Secretary Esper:

I am appalled that the Pentagon decided to waste military resources and critical taxpayer dollars on fighter jet flyovers across the country during a global health crisis. This show of force was an insult to the heroes — healthcare workers, grocery store clerks, and delivery people — who are quite literally holding the United States together.

I urge you to immediately stop any plans for future flyovers and redirect the funds saved to critical aid and economic relief.

Why is this important?

Each day, we hear story after story after story about someone who is suffering in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. In response, the Pentagon performed a series of military fighter jets flyovers across the United States in early May. But this ultra-militaristic show of force has nothing to do with COVID-19 — it won’t help people get their jobs back or get better. It’s simply a gigantic and insulting waste of taxpayer money in a moment when millions are asking for critical help and support.

Our movement is built for fights just like this. When Trump wanted a tank parade, we stopped him. When his Administration tried to limit our rights to protest outside the White House on the National Mall, we fought back, and we won. We can win this fight, too, but only if we get loud now.

Demand Secretary of Defense Mark Esper immediately stop fighter jet flyovers and redirect every dime planned for these shows to be spent on lifesaving medical equipment and economic relief instead.

Reasons for signing

  • The United States armed forces are not toys and pawns for trump's personal or political gratification. Shame.
  • It is so harsh when people put wealth before other people lives for their own benefits. To all believers God is in control....
  • I signed because I believe the money spent could have been spent to help many people. Flyovers only cost taxpayers.


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