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To: Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell must give back all corporate money

Mitch McConnell must give back all the money from corporations he has received in his political life. After all, he says they need to stay out of politics, so that means contributions too, right?

Why is this important?

We all know that corporations give to both sides of the aisle. It's how they get legislation that's favorable to what they want to do in business. It's been like that for decades, and until we pass legislation to get rid of dark money, it will stay that way.
But now Mitch McConnell says corporations must stay out of politics. Well, staying out of politics means no more corporate contributions to politicians then.
Since Mitch doesn't want corporations sticking their noses in politics, Mitch has to give back ALL the money he has taken from them. After all, we wouldn't want him to get any more corrupted than he already is, right?


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