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To: Governor Ige

Modify Hawaii requirements for travelers

Formal Requests:
1. If travelers are unable to get tested within 72 hours of flying or refuse, they should be transported (from the airport) to a supervised island specific facility, that is designated only for COVID19 quarantine use. They shall remain there until they have been tested or completed the 14 day mandatory quarantine.

2. To help prevent further spread by those who may be exposed to COVID19 during travel, the residents of Hawaii recommend that travelers be required to do a second test and temperature check at a chosen time between their 4th to 7th day after arrival.

3. Required a mandatory 14 day quarantine for anyone traveling from a “hotspot”.
In some areas of the country, COVID-19 has been increasing at an alarming rate. Other states such as New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are already taking action to mandate quarantine from “hotspot” locations. Hotspots can be determined by evaluating outbreaks on a weekly basis. A weekly public report can then be provided. The state can let us know weekly what areas are currently considered “hotspots” (and would require mandatory quarantine).
If a traveler permanently resides in Hawaii and test negative then they may complete the quarantine at their home.

Why is this important?

Explanations for each request:

1. Designated Government Run Quarantine Facilities:
On several social media travel groups, people planning to travel to Hawaii have openly stated they will not test as, if they test positive, they may have financial loss (deposits for vacation). Instead, they plan to “quarantine”. There are some realizing that, if enough people opt to “quarantine” at their accommodation, the state of Hawaii will be unable to enforce the 14 day mandate.
The state will have to spend money enforcing and chasing down quarantine breakers OR running a designated quarantine location. Our tax money is better spent on a designated quarantine location. This will be more efficient in controlling the spread of COVID-19 and will better keep our residents and kupuna safe.
Also this will further encourage people to get tested before they travel. In addition, if a traveler is opposed to testing for fear of positive results and possible financial impact, or because they are hard-headed and don’t like to follow rules then these same people will have little regard for the safety of our residents. Therefore it is unrealistic to assume they will respect quarantine rules and orders.
Finally, this would give locals who live here and are returning an easy way to get tested here instead of in another state. We would also prefer that returning residents who are concerned they may be bringing the virus back to their family be given the option to stay in quarantine if they request. This infrastructure would give the residents of Hawaii more control and will decrease the chance of COVID19 spread from travelers.

2. Require 2nd test:
While there is no full proof way to allow travel and prevent COVID19, this would at slow and mitigate the spread of infection by catching some of those that were infected during travel.

3. Mandatory Quarantine for travelers from hotspots:
There is a much greater likelihood that people from areas that are currently having significant outbreaks will be carriers of COVID-19. If their own states and cities are not allowing them to dine out, and do recreational activities. Why would we allow them to put our community at risk by coming to Hawaii to do those things? We should not have to pay the price of another community’s outbreak.

How it will be delivered

Electronically and on paper.



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