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Muir Michigan Speed Limit Reduction for Elementary School

I'm requesting to change the speed limit on M-21 in Muir, Michigan from 55mph to 25mph during AM & PM hours of school to ensure safety while crossing the highway for students attending Twin Rivers Elementary School.
MDOT recently made a change to the former 45mph speed limit in this same road running from Muir Mini Mart to The Village Market to 55mph. Even at 45mph it is not safe for pedestrians to cross the road. The visibility is limited due to curves in the road. An Elementary school; Twin Rivers Elementary, with a bordering basketball court that sits against the highway is just cause for a change to ensure the children; notably elementary aged; are able to safely cross the road on their way to and from school.

Why is this important?

People should join this petition to ensure the children are able to safely cross the road. I would also like to see a crossing guard in place. Parents of the community are concerned, and action taken previously by other community members to reduce the speed limit have not been honored; in fact; MDOT elected to increase the speed limit. Accidents have resulted from this decision. Truck drivers and other drivers have also voiced concerns as they do not feel safe turning into driveways, onto side roads where there are no stop signs/stop lights, and into businesses.



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