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To: Our law makers

No more psychosomatic Diagnosis for people who have suffered real physical injuries!

Photo by Marcelo Leal on Unsplash

Better changes in our healthcare system advocating for women and not discriminating against women who are disabled due to real physical injuries who deserve a fighting chance and not being cherry picked by physicians to be given a psychosomatic diagnosis for actual physical injuries that they suffered from to be only labeled as it’s all only in there head! This needs to Stop you are hurting people and hurting families and children by doing this to there parents.

Why is this important?

To have equal rights, better health care amongst people who are put at a disadvantage because of a false diagnosis gives people a greater disadvantage than others to get the proper medical care treatments that they deserve just like anyone else. There needs to be stricter laws put in place before a diagnosis of psychosomatic can be made and be determined. Very strict steps that a health care provider must establish in order to rule everything out with proper testing, evaluation of past and current medical history and traumas. This diagnosis can never be made and labeled due to a MVA or any kinda physical trauma and injury that they have sustained. This hits very near and dear to me because of the medical neglect my children and I have had to face while my children have had to watch me not get the proper medical treatments and attention that I deserved and so they deserved as well. We have an epidemic in opiates and suicide rates at an ultimate high due to the medical neglect and errors that are made by given false diagnosis to patients are severely harmful. When labeling them for a mental health diagnosis instead of there real physical injuries. This is harmful to our medical community and Families.


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