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To: Vacaville, California Police Department

Officer punches police dog more than 10 times

Officer punches police dog  more than 10 times

Fire the police officer immediately and charge him with animal abuse.

Why is this important?

The officer held down the dog with his knees and repeatedly punched him for refusing to return a reward he was just given. The witness heard alarming crying and saw the officer strike the dog 10 times before beginning to video. This is a serious offense which indicates behavior by the officer of loss of control, overreaction, and harm using his position of power. The officer held the dog down with his knees and closed first punched him. Abusive, despicable, and frightening behavior caught on video.

Reasons for signing

  • because police dogs are police officers and deserve respect
  • punish his actions and violent thoughts of dealing
  • In addition, I would like to know what incompetent K9 training company the City has hired. It is completely unnecessary to ever use aversive means on any dog. We should always ask for what protocol is being used before making any donations to K 9 dare they ask us to give donations. The City needs to defund their K9 training program. Submit letters to the Vacaville City Council!


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