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To: Hair and nails salon one client at a time!!

Gov.Holcomb from Elkhart Indiana

Gov.Holcomb from  Elkhart  Indiana

We want our government to reopen our self employed people that work in the beauty industry to slowly work on one client at a time with extra percussion. Clients must wash hands when enter and wear Face mask at all time while performing a service to slow the spread of COVID-19 or no risk at all. We can limit clients to under 10 at a time in our building, unlike groceries stores filled with people with no face mask and still not social distancing themselves.

Why is this important?

Because our financial crisis system is hurting our beauty industry hard as self employment we strive on our own to making other feel good about themselves we are like our clients beauty therapist and with this pandemic people are stress out and it important to our job to make the beauty industry move agin. It not only about helping our employment whole Agin, but about not making people feel like there on house arrest. Beauty makes everyone feels like there put together and feel great about themselves. So yes it’s important for us as stylists to make a difference in people lives.


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Self employment people are hurting due to shut down on beauty industry. We need to get back to work!!!