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MoveOn believes the public should follow the CDC's mask and vaccine guidance, including in schools, workplaces, and health care settings to protect public health and the economy.

To: Governor Greg Abbott

One Client at a Time TX Hairstylists/Estheticians/Nail Technicians/Massage Therapists

Allow a licensed beauty professional to perform a beauty service privately with one client per stylist at-a-time starting May 1, 2020. All necessary precautions and sanitation protocols approved by the state of Texas / Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) and all local health organization will be followed.

Why is this important?

A LOT of stylists / service providers in our industry are self-employed. Albeit necessary to flatten the curve, the shelter-in-place and not letting us work is dire to our well being. Servicing one client at-a-time (while wearing a mask & gloves) poses little to no risk of spreading the virus, as compared to 20 or more people in a grocery store or 10 plus people at restaurants picking up food.
We do so much more than hair. We listen to so many stories over our collective years. It is therapeutic for so many people to come and see us. We learn about families and build relationships. All — stylists/beauty service providers AND our clients’ — of our mental and emotional health is being affected tremendously by not being permitted to see our clientele.

How it will be delivered

Social media. Sharing the link. Telling family and friends.


2020-04-30 16:27:10 -0400

20,000 signatures reached

2020-04-18 12:30:12 -0400

I never imagined this cry for help would so quickly reach so many people. I get it, yes, that it’s social media. But it speaks to the vitality of why we need to go back to work. Thank you for ALL your support. This is amazing. Praying and hoping we can all get back to work very, very soon!

2020-04-18 12:27:14 -0400

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