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To: Anyone Concerned with Small Businesses Surviving.

Open Up Wine Sales for Off-Premise Sales During Coronavirus Times

We want signatures to go to Governors and Mayors in major US cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago and all others to follow New York Governor Cuomo's lead and allow restaurants to be able to sell wine to go along with their food.

NewsWeek: New York To Allow Takeout Alcohol To Help Bars, Restaurants During Coronavirus Shutdown, Cuomo Says

"The changes will include allowing restaurants, bars, wineries and distilleries to sell their alcoholic products to patrons who order takeout.

"Whatever you could order in the bar or restaurant or distillery or winery you can purchase through takeout, and we hope that goes a long way towards alleviating any economic hardship," Cuomo said. "We will only allow it during this period of closure, but I think it will help those businesses.""

Why is this important?

With restaurant closures due to gathering COVID19 size gathering restrictions, restaurants are forced to opt to close or only sell food to go. That privilege is not available for wine sales. Restaurants, 'on-premise' can't also sell 'off-premise' - which is to say they can't sell wine from their storage to go out the door and have guests enjoy wine with their food. It is crucial for restaurants to remain operational during these new realities.


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