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To: National Governors Association, United States Conference of Mayors, Communications Director of National Grocers Association

Operation: Lend a Hand to Small and Essential Businesses

Small businesses and essential businesses have been destroyed, sustained property damage, or looted. We will not return to any normalcy until this is addressed and repaired in an expeditious manner. Whether it was outside agitators, people with hidden agendas, or opportunists who raided and destroyed stores, we must join together now to resolve this devastation. I am calling for a national databank to be created where individuals, community organizations, and corporate sponsors sign-up and are ready to help physically restore these businesses back to operating capacity.

Why is this important?

If these businesses remain closed, people in already corona ravaged communities will suffer further indignities and injustices. They will have to travel further to receive much needed medicine, food, or essential goods. Or they will have to wait longer for essentials to be delivered by an already strained postal system. We are all mutually dependent on one another: businesses on people, and people on businesses. Let's repair our communities and heal this NOW!


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