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To: Petition for Immediate Action by Law Enforcement and Legislators to Address Rising Car Theft in the Shipyard Neighborhood and City.

Petition for Immediate Action to Address Rising Car Theft in the Shipyard Neighborhood

Dear Captain Maron, 

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to you as a concerned resident of the Shipyard in San Francisco. Over the past three weeks, our community has experienced a distressing trend: three cars have been stolen from our neighborhood, averaging one car theft per week. This alarming rate of crime is unacceptable and has left us, the residents, feeling vulnerable and unsafe in our own homes.

Despite our efforts to secure our neighborhood with surveillance cameras and enhanced lighting, these measures have proven insufficient. Thieves are still managing to enter our garages and steal our vehicles, demonstrating a level of audacity and determination that is deeply troubling. We have reported these incidents to the San Francisco Police Department, but we have yet to see any meaningful action or resolution. Two such reports are documented under police report numbers 240-296-009 and 240-340-678.

We are reaching out to you, our elected representatives and law enforcement leaders, to bring attention to this pressing issue and to request your immediate intervention. Given the gravity of the situation, we urge you to consider the following actions:

  1. Targeted Law Enforcement Operations: We request that the San Francisco Police Department conduct targeted operations focused on our neighborhood. This could include undercover operations and sting operations aimed at apprehending those responsible for these crimes.

  2. Improved Response Times: The response time to reported incidents needs to be drastically improved. Faster police response can increase the likelihood of catching criminals in the act and preventing further thefts.

  3. Community Policing Initiatives: Implementing community policing strategies where officers build relationships with residents and understand the specific issues of our neighborhood can lead to more effective crime prevention and community support.

  4. Enhanced Security Measures: While we have cameras and lights, we need more advanced security solutions such as license plate recognition technology at entry and exit points of our community and smart alarm systems that can alert residents and authorities in real-time.

  5. Legislative Support for Tougher Penalties: We urge our state representatives to push for legislative changes that impose harsher penalties for car theft and related crimes. This includes measures to prevent repeat offenders from exploiting current legal loopholes.

  6. Public Awareness and Media Support: We request that the San Francisco Chronicle highlight the challenges faced by our community and advocate for stronger measures to combat these thefts. Increased public awareness can lead to broader support for the necessary changes.

We have documented police reports for each of these incidents and are more than willing to provide any additional information required to facilitate your efforts. Our community deserves to feel safe and protected, and we believe that with your support and intervention, we can achieve meaningful change.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter. We look forward to your prompt response and to working together to make the Shipyard a safer place for all its residents.

SF Shipyard Residents

SFPD Chief William "Bill" Scott
SF Mayor London Breed 
SF DA Brooke Jenkins 
CA State Senator Scott Wiener 
CA State Assembly Member Matt Haney 

Why is this important?

The safety and security of our homes and neighborhood are fundamental rights that every resident deserves. The recent spike in car thefts in the Shipyard not only disrupts our daily lives but also erodes the sense of community and security that we cherish. When we, as residents, are forced to live in fear of our properties being stolen, it undermines our quality of life and well-being.

This issue transcends individual losses and affects the entire community. When crime rates rise, it impacts property values, community trust, and overall safety. By joining together, we can amplify our voices and ensure that our concerns are heard by those in positions of power. Collective action is crucial to driving the changes needed to protect our neighborhood and prevent future incidents. Your support can help us achieve a safer, more secure environment for all residents of the Shipyard.


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