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To: Governor Brian Kemp and the Georgia Legislature

Police Reform

Police Reform

Support police reform to help weed out bad cops and the culture that stops good cops from doing their jobs. To do this we need laws to help State and local law enforcement make these changes and educate ourselves.
 update the application of qualified immunity
 Prohibit chokeholds / other carotid holds and no knock warrants
 Change the threshold for the permissible use of force
 Require continuous training programs to include racial bias and and de-escalation tactics
 Require uniformed police officers to utilize body cameras and vehicles to have dashboard camera, with mandatory disciplinary action if not done.
 Require a national registry of police misconduct complaints, disciplinary actions, or abuse of power. Collect data on use of force incidents.
 Estabilsh a special unit for mental health cases/calls/response
 Demilitarize police departments.
 Require school systems to provide a class for seniors to understand their rights under the laws of their local government

Why is this important?

These changes will make policing a respected and accountable profession which will
afford a safer community for all. Our main goal should be keeping the peace as we have all
citizens abide in the law, and if one breaks the law, they will be treated fairly and humanely.
Even though a person commits or is suspected of commiting a crime we as a country must still understand they have rights
and deserve to be treated fairly under the laws of the United States of America. Finally, law
enforcement is not the final justice our court system has that role.

This investment by State and local governments in basic rights will forge a new future for our
nation. Please make law enforcement reform a higher priority by continuing to invest in new
programs and make the changes listed above.
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How it will be delivered

The plan is to mail the petition to local officials.

Reasons for signing

  • We need change NOW!!!!!!
  • How about increasing the funding of education and summer job programs. If programs are funded to help communities, the police interaction will be diminished.


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