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To: President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris

President-elect Biden: We're ready to fight for a bold agenda

President-elect Biden, now that you've won with a commanding victory both in the Electoral College and with the most votes ever in a presidential race, we are counting on you to go big to meet this moment! Only bold, ambitious measures can confront our health, economic, democracy, climate, and racial justice crises. Only a sweeping agenda can counter years of destructive policies and transform our government. A powerful majority of Americans voted for an ambitious new vision for America. And now, we're ready to fight with you to make that vision a reality.

Why is this important?

The people have spoken, and they voted for bold action. We elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in an overwhelming victory with the highest voter turnout in history.

People-powered organizing over the past four years and in this election turned the tide against Republicans despite their efforts to suppress Americans’ voices everywhere from the courts to the census to the ballot box. Everyday people—from frontline workers to students getting creative on social media to parents juggling work from home with kids to mothers, fathers, and children demanding justice for Black lives—mobilized to protect each other and our democracy, and we're ready to continue the work to create an America that works for all of us.

Only big ideas, like a new New Deal or an investment akin to Kennedy's moonshot, will be able to alleviate the multiple crises our country faces: record unemployment, severe weather with multiple once-in-a-lifetime storms, wildfires raging, unbridled police violence, massive wealth inequality, millions without health coverage in a pandemic, and so much more. Incremental shifts will not tackle the crises or provide the relief desperately needed. We must change the status quo, invest in people and our communities, and shift power away from the wealthy and corporations.

Together, we can send a powerful message to the Biden/Harris transition team. MoveOn will deliver your signature and comments to ensure the new administration knows why we need transformative solutions and that we're ready to work to ensure they are enacted.

After four years of pushing back against the worst of the Trump administration's policies, hundreds of thousands of MoveOn members worked tirelessly to ensure progressive voters were able to cast their ballots. We voted to make Washington work for the people again. We voted because we can't survive another four years of attacks, the pandemic, and the sinking economy. We voted because we believe that Biden/Harris will deliver for the people who delivered the election for them. Now, we're ready to support the Biden administration implement a bold new vision where everyone can thrive.


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